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SECTION I - Specialty Div. • Quoins • Cladding

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4982 Patterson Ave., Perris, CA 92571-9754
Phone: (951) 657-7913 • Fax: (951) 657-7188

I-895 QUOIN see I-904 Quoin See I-903  Key Stone See I-924 / Jamb B-209 
I-896 Custom Design utilizing standard molding at door (see: C-304) and see the band on B-204
I-897 See E-509 / C-305 / I-905      
I-898 See C-308 / I-905 / I-922      
I-899 I-905 / I-922 / E-509 I-905 w/Custom Radius and Soffit  
I-900 Balustrade D-408 -- Cladding standard w/custom radius -- Grape Facade-Custom
I-901 I-920 / I-903      
Product Description
I-903     Quoin Stone I-895 - I-901
I-904     Quoins / Cladding Stone I-895
I-905     Cladding Panels
I-909-A     Decorative Panels - CLP-20-20-FL
I-909-B     Decorative Panels - CLP-20-24-GV
I-920     Corbel - CR-10-16-F
I-921     Corbel -
I-922     Base Stone - BS-3-(*)-F *=Height 12", 18", 24", 30"
I-923     Base Stone - BS-2-( )-CH -- BS-3-( )-CH
I-924     Keystone
I-925     Base Stone - BS-4-14-( )-RC
I-927     Base Stone - BS-2.5-200-SH